Product: AxisViewer

Simulator Support: Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020, FSX, FSX:SE), Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (v3+)

O/S Support: Windows 7 and above

Download Here

For each aircraft control surface selected, AxisViewer will show the position of the joystick axis attached to the control surface, and the actual position of the control surface according to the simulator. The benefits are:

  • Positive feedback on Control Surface Position. Ever ask yourself “Self, just what is that autopilot/autothrottle doing, anyway?!”
  • Allow you to manually adjust the Axis Positions to match the Control Surface Positions, so that you don’t get a nasty surprise (for example, sudden change in thrust) when the autopilot and/or autothrottle is disengaged.
  • Verification of joystick functioning and range of motion.
  • Clear indication of when “dead zones” are entered. You will see the Control Surface Position “snap” to a particular value as the Axis Position approaches the dead zone.