At SkyWare, we develop software that – first and foremost – we use extensively ourselves. While no software is completely bug-free, this practice ensures our products have high quality right out of the gate.

All of our products were created out of a need to solve a particular problem that either had no existing solution, or had a less than stellar solution.

Our Team

William (Bill) Ruppel

Bill is a professional software developer with over 30 years experience working for some of the largest software companies in the industry, and is a pioneer in the Software as a Service (SaaS) product space. A technology enthusiast from a young age, Bill is passionate about writing high performant, robust, extensible, maintainable, and – most of all – beautiful, code. SkyWare was started by Bill to share tools he authored to improve his personal flight simulation experience, primarily flying Big Iron as a long-time member of the VATSIM community. To request a CV, please send an email to support@skyware.ca.